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All Wired Up To Say Thank You

I spent the night in a Children’s Sleep Disorder Clinic with my 3 year old wired up to dozens of wires.  What an amazing place.  In life you continually experience amazing things and amazing people.  Last night was another example.  From the minute we walked in the door at 6pm, the nursing staff treated my child like he was the most special child in the world.  The truth is that he was one of three there that evening and they are open 5 nights a week and are full each night, so this is simply routine for them.  At about 6.30pm in walks Emily.  Emily was wearing a yellow shirt and not a nurses uniform so of course I had to ask the question, ‘what is your job here’.  Emily told me that she was just a volunteer who came to the hospital 5 nights a week after work for 2 hours to help settle the children.  Emily’s main job was as a preschool teacher.  She wanted to give some of her skills back to those in need and chose the hospital to do so.  She read to my child,  played with him and generally made him feel comfortable.  Let me just put this into perspective. Emily is 22 years old and works in a paid job (at not a huge salary) from 7am until 3.30pm.  She then takes a couple of hours off and come back to non-paid work simple to give to others.  I was blown away at this generosity and especially from a 22 year old who could be spending time with her friends.  This morning, we spent time making a special card to send to the staff and a special card to Emily.  We slipped into Emily’s card a small, department store voucher as a thank you.

We will more than likely never see Emily again but she has added to the smile on my child’s face.  We hope that her special card shows that her efforts are beyond the call of duty and much appreciated.   There is nothing more important than thanking someone for doing something that they did not have to do.

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The Birth of ‘Read & Recover’ – A Gift

It is announcement day – have we been granted our wish ? I logged onto work first thing and found a message from Brad Sugars congratulating us.  I popped onto Facebook and saw this message “Brad Sugars says OK, here goes Sugars Clause has decided … Jon Byrne will get his wish for a trailer to feed the homeless … Renee Jones will get her wish to have a coach work with her charity … Karen Rita Ford will get presents for her kids for Christmas … my friend Jenny Wiz Whitenow will get books for the kids hospitals in her area …”

Our wish had been granted – there WILL be smiles on sick kid faces !  What a great gift ! First thing to do was send a thank you to Brad for his generosity in joining us in our Read & Recover program.  The second was to tell the team and the third thing was to cry.  Cry with happiness again that White Now could make a small difference to kids lives.  There is the feeling of happiness when you give to friends and family that results in a warm feeling inside, but giving to those really in need of a smile, brings a feeling that you simply cannot go past.  The team were over the moon and shared in the tears, and the process is about to begin.   We will commence this venture in the new year !

Read & Recover

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Facebook is a Winner for Wiz Whitenow

I was reading through Facebook and one of our Facebook friends is Brad Sugars – billionaire, entrepreneur, business success story and all round good guy !  He was looking to make someone’s wish come true and posted a Santa Brad offer that you could not beat.  He offered all of his 5000 plus friends on FB the chance to have anything that they wanted for Christmas.  You just had to post what you wanted.  I was simply amazed to see the responses. People wanted their house paid off, a new sports car, cash donations to start their businesses, free coaching from the coach himself, holidays to expensive resorts, you name it – they asked him for it.  I sat and wondered to myself.  Here is a man who has made his millions by working hard, being smart and being devoted to his future.  Here are also a bunch of budding entrepreneurs as his friends wanting to get a break from him and get some cash to get ahead in their career/business/personal life etc.  Amongst the hundreds and hundreds of requests there were a few who asked for monetary assistance to help others.  Here is witnessed the TRUE Christmas spirit.  There were a handful of people, who knows if they were wealthy and successful or lived in poverty but they asked for donations to help others.  The light bulb went on !!

I have spent many nights in hospital throughout the year with my 3 year old. He has by no means got a life threatening illness like many other children, but has been hit with pneumonia multiple times.  We have had such fantastic experiences in hospitals with people whose vocation is like no other – nurses !  If I could take my hat off to anyone, it would be them.  The hospital we usually go to has a reasonable range of books for kids, but many are old and tattered and if I was to be honest, they are from another era.   If there are two things that bring a smile to a sick, bed ridden child’s face, it is people and books. I then went to visit a range of other kids hospital wards and found that many wards had virtually no books.  I then put to my team the idea that we could start a Read & Recover program and donate books to these hospitals.  Everyone was on board and we were ready to post our Christmas wish on Brad’s wall. We want to give 150 books to 10 hospitals !  Let’s wait and see what happens !

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