The Birth of ‘Read & Recover’ – A Gift

It is announcement day – have we been granted our wish ? I logged onto work first thing and found a message from Brad Sugars congratulating us.  I popped onto Facebook and saw this message “Brad Sugars says OK, here goes Sugars Clause has decided … Jon Byrne will get his wish for a trailer to feed the homeless … Renee Jones will get her wish to have a coach work with her charity … Karen Rita Ford will get presents for her kids for Christmas … my friend Jenny Wiz Whitenow will get books for the kids hospitals in her area …”

Our wish had been granted – there WILL be smiles on sick kid faces !  What a great gift ! First thing to do was send a thank you to Brad for his generosity in joining us in our Read & Recover program.  The second was to tell the team and the third thing was to cry.  Cry with happiness again that White Now could make a small difference to kids lives.  There is the feeling of happiness when you give to friends and family that results in a warm feeling inside, but giving to those really in need of a smile, brings a feeling that you simply cannot go past.  The team were over the moon and shared in the tears, and the process is about to begin.   We will commence this venture in the new year !

Read & Recover

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