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All Wired Up To Say Thank You

I spent the night in a Children’s Sleep Disorder Clinic with my 3 year old wired up to dozens of wires.  What an amazing place.  In life you continually experience amazing things and amazing people.  Last night was another example.  From the minute we walked in the door at 6pm, the nursing staff treated my child like he was the most special child in the world.  The truth is that he was one of three there that evening and they are open 5 nights a week and are full each night, so this is simply routine for them.  At about 6.30pm in walks Emily.  Emily was wearing a yellow shirt and not a nurses uniform so of course I had to ask the question, ‘what is your job here’.  Emily told me that she was just a volunteer who came to the hospital 5 nights a week after work for 2 hours to help settle the children.  Emily’s main job was as a preschool teacher.  She wanted to give some of her skills back to those in need and chose the hospital to do so.  She read to my child,  played with him and generally made him feel comfortable.  Let me just put this into perspective. Emily is 22 years old and works in a paid job (at not a huge salary) from 7am until 3.30pm.  She then takes a couple of hours off and come back to non-paid work simple to give to others.  I was blown away at this generosity and especially from a 22 year old who could be spending time with her friends.  This morning, we spent time making a special card to send to the staff and a special card to Emily.  We slipped into Emily’s card a small, department store voucher as a thank you.

We will more than likely never see Emily again but she has added to the smile on my child’s face.  We hope that her special card shows that her efforts are beyond the call of duty and much appreciated.   There is nothing more important than thanking someone for doing something that they did not have to do.

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