Can YOU Choose a Family That Really Deserves 5 FREE PASSES to enjoy a day with THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE ?


EVERYONE deserves a bit of fun and happiness, but unfortunately some families just don’t get enough of either! Trainworks, at Thirlmere have teamed up with White Now to provide an opportunity for TWO deserving families to enjoy a “Day Out with Thomas”. You choose who we send !


– FIVE (5) Tickets per Family for TWO (2) Families to attend “A Day Out with Thomas” on either Saturday 30th July OR Sunday 31st July 2011
– One (1) ‘Showbag’ of Thomas The Tank Engine Toys per Family

(Note: Trainworks is in Thirlemere NSW, near Picton. Families must be able to make their way to Thirlmere for the day)


  1. Click on comments under this blog (bottom right hand corner under text)
  2. Complete the form (please note: name and email fields are mandatory so that we can contact you)
  3. In the text box, tell us about a family that deserves a ‘Day Out with Thomas’ at Trainworks and WHY you believe they should be considered. (You don’t need to name the family if you don’t feel that it is appropriate.)

Together, we can make a small difference to families in need by putting a smile on their faces for just a couple of hours!!!

So please, tell your story about your nominated family in a COMMENT BELOW NOW ….!!!!

If you would like to find out more about the day, click on the following link here: http://www.trainworks.com.au/event/event/a_day_out_with_thomas

On Friday, 15th July 2011 one representative from Trainworks and one from White Now ! will choose the two most fitting nominations. Contact will then be made with the individual that nominated them via email so that plans can be discussed regarding collection of tickets and the showbag for each family. Tickets are not transferable & may not be redeemed for cash. A total of ten tickets & two showbags will be donated. This is not a game of chance

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15 thoughts on “Can YOU Choose a Family That Really Deserves 5 FREE PASSES to enjoy a day with THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE ?”

  1. A lady I know has 5 children and is a single mother. SHe has a job as an accountant but is not paid well. She spends all that she has on the welfare of her children. She is an amzing mum who deserves a special treat. Please choose her.

  2. love to take Master Thomas to visit Thomas the tank, And spend the day with the wife, been a tough yr. Thomas will actually 12 months corrected on the 30th, (being born @ 24 weeks ) a chance to go out as a family as Louise works most week ends a great day out.

  3. I’d like to nominate my 3 year old nephew Liam and his big brother, mum and dad. Liam broke his leg a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loves Thomas. Even though Liam has enjoyed catching up on his favourite shows, he hasnt been able to get out and play with his friends at preschool. This outing could give him the lift he needs and may even have his cast off by the weekend of Thomas.

  4. I would like to nominate a family that I feel really deserves this fantastic prize. I however don’t know this family but would love to see this prize go to some one who has experienced some difficuties maybe been sick, maybe done really well at school or who has achieved something amazing. There are alot of families out there who don’t get to have some of these wonderful experiences and that would be the family that most deserves this prize. Maybe we could contact Ronald McDonald house and see if they could suggest a child that may love a fun day out. I am sure some Clubs know also of a family that would love a day out maybe an employee who is going through some tough times.

  5. I’d like to nominate Lleyton Giles. He’s 6 years old and sadly has a terminal stomach condition. My NRL team the Wests Tigers have been wonderful to this brave little man and his family. As a boy of 6yrs he’s a prime candidate to love Thomas & trains. Not sure how to contact him but I’m sure someone at the Tigers would assist. Good luck to who ever gets the chance and to the White Now team give yourselves a little pat on the back for a lovely gesture.

  6. I would like to nominate two special children, who recently lost their Dad.
    I came to know of this family, after Tony passed away. He suffered a physcotic episode and committed suicide infront of his wife and youngest child.
    His family have touched my heart, there are two little children, grieving for their Dad and also dealing with trauma.
    Lori (Tonys wife) is doing an amazing job protecting her two little ones, and it would be amazing to give them a day out, and bring a smile to their faces, if only for a short while.
    You can read loris story at http://www.rrsahm.com

  7. Well i’m going to bite the bullet and nominate my family… my boys would love this, my kids are amazing.. Sam-4, Max-8, they are strong and beautiful, have been nothing but incredible during the divorce of me and their father, another failed relationship of mine.. we were homeless not that long ago and all the while my boys continued to make me smile. we are a team and love is what has held us all together.. it made me realise it doesn’t matter what we have or don’t have so long as we have each other everything will be ok.. They have been so good, do great in school and it would be wonderful to give them something back, a surprise like this or anything for that matter for them would be above and beyond anything i could give them right now :-)

  8. I’d like to nominate my son Liam, I’ve recently seperated from his dad and it’s tough. Liam is an adorable boy who loves Thomas and would thoroughly enjoy this day out.

  9. I would like to nominate a family with three young boys and a baby girl, who currently share a small townhouse with their grandmother. This family is more than generous with their time for others and will be in the same living situation for what could be another year to come. The eldest boy started school this year with the remaining children at home, so this is one family that could use a day out that the boys would love.

  10. I would love to nominate all the families who have had hardships.. but it is not possible… How do you choose could we not organise a fun day for all!!

  11. Some fantastic suggestions above, thank you to everyone that has nominated a family and please, please, please get word out there to others to do the same! From the look of things, there are some very deserving families out there and we want to make sure the tickets get to those people!

  12. I would like to nominate my brother and his family for this exciting Thomas day out. I believe they would be a good choice recipient of this prize as they are doing it harder currently than most. Six months ago my brother and his partner split, it was rough at the start for all however it is more settled now with everyone getting along well. They have two children a daughter who is 10 and a son who is 4. the son has Aspergers syndrome autism, he attends Noahs a couple of times a week and is slowly improving, currently he is able to communicate what he needs but is yet to really be able to string a sentence together. Early last year they built a house on her parents farm so that they could get some respite help from her parents who do not work and at the same time also assist in looking after her father who has cancer. The parents paid for the kit home and everyone chipped in and assisted in building and finishing off the house (my other brother even drove 6 hours from up the coast to do the electrical work), even after my brother moved out we were always welcome (albeit a nice long drive down a bumpy dirt road through a national park to get there!) My brother moved into a converted garage at the back of his mates house which has just enough room for a lounge and two beds for when the kids are staying over with a small kitchenette and bathroom, no real room for the kids to play inside but it is all he could really afford. Recently his ex’s parents had a disagreement with their daughter and have locked them out of the house they had on the farm and they are currently living in a caravan park (again no room for the kids to play and it must be cold now that it is winter, they are located on the south coast). I would very much like for them to have this opportunity firstly because my nephew recognises Thomas (he carries a Thomas CD cover around a lot and scans junk mail looking for Thomas, Buzz, Woody and Lightening McQueen) and this would absolutely make him smile and secondly it would be a good opportunity for them to spend time together as a family which may assist in them becoming a whole family again.

  13. I would like to nominate a family for the Thomas the Tank Engine day out. The mother has children that attend the same day care as my daughter and recently was diagnosed with cancer. She is currently having chemo and has already undergone surgery to assist with her recovery. She has two beautiful children aged 4 and 6 and who I’m sure would adore a day out with their parents.
    While I know so many families that could do with this day out, mine included, I am sure that my nominated family would cherish every moment..

  14. Just over a week to go before judging takes place and from the look of things, it’s going to be a tough decision! Thank you for all of the great nominations and please keep them coming!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon and Darren on their nominations for a family to spend “A Day with Thomas” at Thirlmere. Emails have been sent to both winners to arrange the details and so that preparations can begin for this fantastic day.

    Thank you to everyone that placed a nomination. There were a number that touched our hearts and the final decision was not an easy one, but ultimately a decision has been made and we could not be more excited about sharing this great opportunity with these two very deserving families.

    Thank you also to Trainworks at Thirlmere who came to us with this great concept. We hope that together we will be able to do something similar again in the not too distant future.

    White Now !

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