Interview Question: Do you have any questions for me?

It's probably pretty reasonable to say that the vast majority, (I'd suggest 99.9%) of candidates know that they are going to be asked at some point in an interview if ...
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To Call, Or Not To Call – That Is The Question

Here at White Now! we receive LOTS of calls from candidates about roles that we have advertised and it got me to thinking... "...Which calls do I remember?". The answer ...
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It’s How We Lose That Shows Who We Are!

Recruiting is a funny business! Whether being done for a small family business, a large multinational or as a Recruitment Consultant - the "recruitment process" provides an insight in to ...
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Sarah Watts, Toby Kennett, Jenny White

How to Recruit a Recruiter…

How to Recruit a Recruiter… Engaging a recruiter is meant to take the hard work out of the process of finding the best possible candidate for a role. Pressure should ...
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Negotiating Your Salary

Before we go any further on this subject, just remember: "DON'T FREAK OUT......... and BREEEEEATHE!!!"... OK, so now that we've got that out of the way, let's think seriously about ...
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Words That Should NEVER Be Used On a Professional Resume…

Was it your Mother or Grandmother that used to say?: "Never say never!"? Well now it's White Now saying it! Here are some words that I suggest should (dare I ...
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Should Work and Annual Leave Be Combined?

The 'age old' question and one that ultimately comes down to personal choice!  But summing it all up in the first line hardly makes for a good blog read, so ...
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Flexible Work Arrangements Attract Highly Skilled and Experienced Applicants!

When White Now placed an advert on and SEEK on behalf of a client looking for an Office Assistant 3 days per week, the client received 345 applications! The good news was that there ...
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Service with a Smile

In the hectic lead up to Christmas, we missed getting our hands on one of the Aldi "Three Bird Roasts" and so in a mad panic, I called Jenny and ...
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An Exceptional Man with an Inspirational Story

Here at White Now we are provided with opportunities to work with a range of amazing people and incredible businesses, including a large number of RSL Clubs. After speaking with ...
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