The Crumbiest & Most Stupid Thing I have Done !

Are you ready to hear about one of the silliest things that we have ever done ?  Talk about not thinking something through properly ... geesh ......... White Now have all the new, ...
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Who Remembers The Fax Of Life ?

The world is seriously changing rapidly and for the better.  This really hit me this week when I stood in front of a bunch of industry people and reflected back ...
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"The Butcher Who Must Not Like Money"

The Butcher Who Mustn’t Like Money

At the start of this month I made a conscious effort to support small, local businesses. It was my month to give back to those "The Butcher Who Must Not Like ...
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Are You Getting Schnitty At Your Hospitality Venue?

It is time for me to share my thoughts about the almighty and much adored Chicken Schnitzel and it's BFF, the deliciously smothered Chicken Parmigiana. The question really does need to be discussed.... ...
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Employee Marketing…Are YOU Doing It?

Let's begin with a question: "How much of your marketing budget as a percentage goes towards attracting CUSTOMERS to your business?" I don't want to know how much you spend or what ...
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